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to the world that that elevates perhaps the individual to make the apology and curries favor with those who are the blame america first crowd but does not stand as the strong indication that america has values that we recognize our enduring and right for us and others who are willing to obtain them. that does not mean we force our will on other nations but it does mean we stand beside those of other nations to seek freedom. >> host: when you hear that criticism of the bush and administration to find weapons of mass destruction of our diplomacy being too aggressive or too high handed come and get them and all that kind of thing don't you think there are those who might be wary of aggressive foreign policy?
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>> host: there is a middle posture where one does not have to be seen as being timid and the defense of american values. or moving to access. you don't want to speak loudly and carry a small stick and there is a posture are showing american strength and ideals fall by their our commitments and standing with our friends and allies and i think president bush did so time and again made it clear we would stand with our allies and people who oppose us would receive was strong response of america we were hit on 9/11 and he took out the taliban in afghanistan. we believe we were receiving threat from sadam hussain who by the way could have removed the threat instantly by saying, and all facilities are open in the international inspectors can look in the palace or go
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anywhere they would like to go and take all look because we now want america to come after us. he could have done that and would not have suffered the fate he did was he willing to open his nation to that type of inspection. but i respect president bush's strength in defending the country think obama will have to move in that course were be seen as a weak president on the international stage. >> host: we will take a break. mitt romney's new book called "no apology" the case for american greatness"
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>> host: we're back with mitt romney the author of his new book "no apology" the case for american greatness" you describe the book has said display of europe's position on key issues but it is really an intellectual journey on your part some a books you have read your ideas but not a very personal book in some ways for just for a second let's talk about the personal one of the things that caught my eye your dad was born in mexico? >> his parents have escaped persecution and of their mormon faith and i guess it was his grandfather or parents moved to mexico and
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while there they were enjoying a pretty good life and comfortable life but then there was disruption so my dad was five bourse six years old pack up and got on a train and came back to el paso and alternately moved to idaho and salt lake from then on and his dad was not terribly prosperous and love bankrupt more than once in his construction business he you work at putting wave and plaster that was the precursor of wallboard and he never put enough money together to complete college that went on to have a successful career in politics. >> host: did he run for president? >> guest: he did. they studied this at some length when he was running in 1968. of the constitution says that a president must be a natural born citizen.
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he was not naturalized by a virtue of the fact both parents for u.s. citizens. he was a natural born citizen and become the united states president the same way a service man or woman had a child abroad that child cannot be prevented from a president from being born on foreign soil because in that case there would become a citizen by birth. >> host: he went on not only to be governor but hud's secretary for nixon and read details how he was is saving course of american motors and the gremlin. [laughter] you were not proud to have a gremlin in your driveway but it made her rich and he was very successful. >> guest: very, very successful when he came to american motors the company selected him for some years before as a vice president but the ceo was
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well-respected and when american motors was formed with the merger of nash george mason anise shortly thereafter passed away and the board elected by father to become the new president of the company. the stock went down too medically when that happened i think it dropped about $5.50 per share and a couple years later trading at over $90 per share. i am proud of good job dad did and could shore up the financial base and get the products out that people wanted that allowed him too obviously save a lot of jobs and create a successful enterprise but i am afraid what he's so championed is gone jeep is around but new and different from when he was running the enterprise. >> host: one of the interesting things that right from the start you said when your dad ran for
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president he characterized his campaign like a miniskirts short and revealing then you say your campaign in 2008 was a little longer but also revealing but what day you learn? to make you learn about how challenging it is to be in a presidential campaign. there are mistakes made as well i found i think i was defined in people's minds to a great degreeksy of the questions that were asked by others and the media for instance. i think we have 13 presidential debates so how i responded to those is how i was defined. you like to define yourself by the things where you want to talk about not just what people want to ask you that is the difficulty of the campaign and a blessing of writing a book you can lay out the things this is what i believe the country needs to do to get beyond the questions and get into the meat of the concerns that i
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have. >> host: it picks up on president obama wrote a book and john mccain had a book can many presidential candidates write books before they run for office. i am thinking when you talk about your father's campaign you talk about your own campaign. one issue on a personal basis would be your religious faith do you think that is a problem? you don't talk about this in the book called you are open you are a more men. >> guest: this is a book about america and my concerns about our economy the foundation of our economic strength and the concern we are weakening that foundation and imperiling the future. i don't get into a lot of political issues were social issues i don't even get into homeland security because they don't relate to those economic foundations to the extent i felt was appropriate but as to my views on my face, i am proud of my religion i don't try
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to distance myself from it but i am sure for some people it is a problem because they don't know the face very well but for others they value the fact i am a person of religious belief for the great majority of people they don't care where religion someone belongs to. they are pleased to select somebody based on their skills and experience and use on the most important issues that may exist. >> host: you don't think you are like pollyanna i know in the last campaign one opponent was mocking of mormanism that the devil is jesus' brother and that kind of thing and a certain percentage of people in the polls with evangelicals viewing it as not a christian faith. >> there will be some people for whom that is an issue but i cannot do much about that that is just the
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reality of political life but there are other people for whom it is an advantage and i take the bid tour with this week i am who i m and people can accepted or rejected. that is why i gave a speech that i did related to religious diversity in america that is after all in the nature of the founding of this country people seeking opportunity and religious freedom and we welcome and prius the religious freedom that exist and it would be a hollow concept if we only allowed certain people to serve in public office or other positions are responsibility based on a religious test that was specifically prohibited by the founders. i don't think that is an issue for the country i hope it is not for anybody that runs. time will tell but i don't think that was up the hearts
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of by campaign i found other things to do wrong and senator mccain did the effective job in touching the american people as the primary process was proceeding. >> host: where do you stand on abortion? >> guest: i am pro-life. >> host: is it clear to the base of the party you are strongly pro-life? >> guest: i think so since the time i was serving as governor when i faced an issue relating to life i came down on the side of life and wrote the op-ed about my physician and it has not changed since that time and i think people understand where i stand. >> host: on the economy people see was a very capable businessman this is your second book your first was about but experience running the salt lake olympic committee and your success there and the question becomes how do you view the facts some americans at this point* in history are anxious about
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the economy and see it as a big problem and the question would be did president bush or has obama of pursue policies that you feel would help to revive this american economy because that is the pillar of global strength? >> yes. we're facing short-term economic distress and long term economic weakness and the combination of those is particularly troubling right now. the short-term crisis we face is the result of many people and many failures it is popular to say on the wall street but wall street is certainly to a large degree to blame for what happened but so is main street and the mortgage bankers that gave mortgages to people who had no capacity to pay them. also the individuals who signed up for loans that were in far excess of what they could pay and the regulators who did not see what was happening and bloat was sold and the rating
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agencies who said these instruments that wall street was selling where some how highly secure. there even the president said the buck stops here he shares responsibility as well. president bush for the economic distress that occurred but i think this president, president obama has not been as effective as he could have been to get us out. he has scared the heck out of the private sector when you say you will raise taxes next year that scares new investors when you say we will have cap-and-trade with the energy intensive trade+cu o build a pullback if you take away the right tono carrierring0
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highly productive economy is something that which energy education tax this entitlement problems call into question. >> host: is interesting to go into specifics you praised secretary paulson of the bush to administration for helping to bail out the banks and the t.a.r.p of money but then highly
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critical of secretary tim geithner for continuing what looks to be the same policies. explained. >> there is no question in my mind that at the time secretary paulson and president bush said we are in real distress and we could have a financial calamity that it was essential to do something to provide the confidence to the people around the world that america was not going to have all of the bank's go under. i think there was a very real risk to have a cascade of bank failures throughout the country and ultimately have virtually every bank in the nation go out of business and people savings gone and the dollar worth less, we could have had a true financial system calamity and t.a.r.p kept that from happening but it was not implemented terribly well i don't mean to say that secretary paulson did it perfectly and by near did
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it entirely terribly they both made mistakes and did things well but undersecretary gartner who has been the champion or the master of this for a long period of time, over a year, the process has been a relatively opaque as to which banks got money and why and who and what the provisions would be i think if you put money in a bank that saves said that the shareholders should be vno carrierringconnectno carrie0
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shedding yourself of exceptional costs and debts so you can re-emerge as a stronger and may, that was the right course. ultimately that was a course that was taken.
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detroit is now in me much stronger footing to the bankruptcies but giving them tens of millions of dollars that was unnecessary and wasted and instead of the company's management teams and the board's guiding the bankruptcy process ultimately the government got into the process we have the right solution of managed bankruptcy but only after we wasted a lot of money. >> host: i wonder if you think somehow the teapartiers movement and people on the bright in this country that look at the bail-out not only the car companies but the banks and say washington is too big, too intrusive the notion of too big to fail is lining the pockets of big executives to take these huge bonuses at the end of the year without any concern for main street america? >> no question but the idea of too big to fail should not be part of the lexicon.
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if a major institution is on the brink of disaster, either let them go bankrupt eight as we did with gm goes to the process that is the right thing should happen. bankruptcy does not mean close the doors it means the shareholders are nearly wiped out. if under the shareholders the enterprise has failed then they should not be bailed out and the executives should not be bailed out before it has done it right two. >> host: without exception the other companies might have gone toes up. >> guest: i don't think so. they went to manage bankruptcy and shed excess of cost and demerger out. that is the right course. >> host: with a tremendous help from the u.s. government post bankruptcy it can help to keep it going and thrive but the money that went and the tens of millions before could have been better spent. >> host: so then what
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about the reaction that is at the base of so much of the tea party movement that the government should not be helping out car companies are feeling financial institutions on wall street? >> host: no question that perspective of those in this country that think government is too intrusive and big is absolutely right. no question the government has grown to be a massive player much larger than the founders would have imagined and people and myself think that makes sense. right now for a portion of gdp made up of the government is roughly 33% local federal and state governments and it should be less than that. we can go item by item and say certain things the government needs to do. manage the judicial system, certain safety net features that the government can provide that we can agree on and go piece by
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piece was the government correct? we will not agree on all of those actions but we can tell you with regards to the car companies, they were wrong to bail them out, they alternately got there and with regards to t.a.r.p, that should be ended no reason for the continue-- the government to continue to use that money we backed away from the cliff the institutions did not collapse but at the time it was to keep our entire system from collapsing. >> host: let's talk about unemployment numbers which at the moment seemed to be stable at a high percentage near a 10%. you are anti-protectionism strongly believe in free trade and open trade but isn't that something again that people would say we need to protect the american family need to look after those unemployed might find objection? >> they might eight -- may
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but if they think about what has happened around the globe and in history, they will realize that protectionism has always been associated with economic peril that nations that tried to put barriers around themselves find themselves falling into deeper and deeper financial problems and number of people feel protectionism put in place at the advent of the great depression was one of the reasons we went into a depression because america sells a lot of stuff to the people of we put up walls around us and not only keeps foreign goods out but american goods from keeping it to go other places and there are lot of jobs in this country and growth and jobs of things going elsewhere. you have to realize of sauce for the goose is good for the gander. >> host: you introduced the idea of the worst generation and the idea we don't manage debt two and a
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chinese hold so much of the debt and otherno carrierringcon0
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but scapegoating has never created a great nation are strong economy and there are nations by the way that tried to protect themselves and cheat and no question if there was a magically to keep other people's goods in but allow hours to go out everybody would be for that but some nations tried to pull that off and we have to make sure they cannot get away with it. people watch america too closely for us to think we can keep foreign goods out and sell powers to the world. >> host: do think it is fair that some view hear
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that the president is a socialist? >> i don't choose at this point* to use that term to apply to the president toured people i disagree with. it is a incendiary term and a lot of respects but i do think there are those in his party who would like to see a health care system like the socialized medicine systems that existed in europe and the president may as well that in my view would be a very detrimental way for the health care system to move from our will not step away from the fact that i think there is a great effort to try to socialize the medical system in this country with very serious implications for our economic future and well-being from a health standpoint. >> host: you wrap up by talking about a new commitment to citizenship among americans and suggest we find common cause and do
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less special interest politics and talk about the optimism be believe as part of the american character deep religious faith fema's be aware of people are asked by political pollsters is the country on the right track or wrong track 80% say we are headed in the wrong direction. >> guest: they are absolutely right. we should get it at 100% of the people. [laughter] just what? washington politicians have put us on a road to decline taking america and the wrong direction. the massive growth of government the inability to do with energy the failure of the schools and immigration system to welcome the best and brightest innovators instead open borders to those who were not all cases helping america it imperils ever future by optimism flows to the fact the american people when confronted with the
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truth do the right thing and you will see that happen the reason the teapartiers are gathering to express their views they say we are the silent majority too long it is time to speak up and that is the encouragement that people pay attention and recognize the consequences of continuing down the washington driven past those are not good for the country. >> host: do you fear that passion might lead them away from somebody who was the son of a best-- businessman that you are and push more and the direction of sarah palin? >> host: . >> guest: i cannot tell you where it leads but i welcome the energy and passion that seems to be part of the american political scene right now that is a good thing whether i am part of the scene are not time will tell but we have some great leaders and
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the republican party who i think will be able to capture the imagination of the majority of the people and the president's core some less dramatically changed in the next few years will be ended short with only one term and we will elect the president to bring us back to a center-right coalition who were willing to take the action and necessary to preserve america's greatness. >> host: irani new book, his second book, "no apolog the case for american greatness" governor romney thank you so much for joining us on after words. >> guest: thank you. good to be with you.

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